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Custom Cakes

We have listed some of our most popular custom cakes here to help inspire you for your next cake! Each of these can be customized for you and for your event. We believe in providing our Client's with the best tasting and most stunning cakes in the business! Our custom cakes take many hours and sometimes days to prepare, bake, and decorate. So that we can continue to  create these masterpieces and back our "Never frozen always fresh" promise, we appreciate your advanced custom cake order of 1 week or more. Photos of our custom cakes soon to come! Prices listed below are not the finaly price of your custom cake.

Custom Cakes

Character Cakes serves 25 $100

Number Cakes serves 30 $130

6" Doll Cake serves 8 $80

8" Doll Cake serves 15 $100

Purse Cake Laying Down serves 30 $100

Purse Cake Standing Up serves 25 $200

6" Hat Cake serves 8 $80

8" Hat Cake serves 15 $100

Stiletto Shoe Cake w/Box serves 30 $200

Stiletto Shoe & Purse Cake serves 30 $300

Sneaker Shoe Cake w/Box serves 30 $250

Exotic Cake serves 30 Male $100 Female $120 Combo $200

All Occasion Cakes

All occasion cakes are just that, cakes for all occasions! Whether you need to say "Happy Birthday" on a Monday afternoon, or "Happy Anniversary" on a Thursday evening, an All Occasion Cake will be right for you! All Occasion Cakes are simply decorated cakes without all the bells and whistles of a custom cake. All Occasion Cakes are 8" round cakes that serve 20 and are priced at just $75 each. As always, our "Never frozen always fresh" promise will apply so we appreciate your 48 hour or more advanced notice when ordering your All Occasion Cake!